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Chartwells Independent provides catering services to private pre-prep, preparatory, senior and sixth forms all over the UK.

Norland has been working with Chartwells Independent since February 2014 delivering training to its catering teams, nationwide. Many of the staff at Chartwells have a background in food, nutrition and catering and the training from Norland in child behaviours has helped them to see the dining experience from the child’s perspective.

The aim of the training is to give staff a greater understanding of child development and pastoral care of children; highlighting how a child’s behaviours with food may reflect some wider issues and how these staff can make small changes which have a large impact on these children.

Norland now delivers two courses for Chartwells Independent, one focusing around pastoral care and development of children aged 3-8 and one focused around the transitioning teenager, ages 11-13.

Jane Cooper, Sector Managing Director, Chartwells

"As the UK's first contract catering company specialising in food service and hospitality management for independent schools, we pride ourselves in tailoring our services to our clients’ individual requirements. Fresh local ingredients and world-class culinary techniques provide diverse, innovative, menus to support the highest quality education with the highest quality food and pastoral care.  Norland College’s reputation as the most prestigious providers of training for nannies and childcare practitioners in the UK is second to none so we contacted them about undertaking some research for our business to look at how we can support our teams within Chartwells Independent Prep schools. 

Norland College’s vision and mission is reflective of the Chartwells Independent brand and ethos as well as the calibre of our clients. Also, really relevant for us is that all Norland Nannies are taught what a healthy balanced diet consists of for children. Norland have provided us with a bespoke training programme which has been an invaluable learning tool for our teams and given them a unique insight and perspective.  The courses are a real USP within our market place and will drive retention, added value programmes, staff development, word of mouth recommendations and ultimately new business. I would have no hesitation in recommending Norland College. They have been a great partner and we hope to develop more training tools and insightful programmes as we move forward together."


"Claire is amazing! Passionate, knowledgable and helpful. Best training Compass have ever provided."

"Enjoyed this course, it was interesting. I will now look at service from the child’s point of view."

“Claire made the course relevant to every day service and I left with a better understanding of children and why they do why they do."

"Eye opening view from child’s perspective. I will use the skills and knowledge I gained via this course to be more sympathetic towards children’s needs - pass on knowledge to team."

"Fantastic insight into child development and learning. Great pace and extremely interesting.."

"Thoroughly enjoyed every minute Claire was very interesting to listen to."

"Excellent content and pace of sessions."

"Very educational and interesting, I will use the knowledge every day during lunch service. And make it a happy experience."

"Very interesting and informative learnt about things you never considered before."

"Excellent delivery and personality with outstanding knowledge, I will use the skills both at work and home."