Charity work


Tamba - Twins & Multiple Births Association - is the UK's leading multiples charity offering advice and support for families with twins or more.

Norland started working with Tamba in March 2014 to set up the Helping Hands project. This service offers families with multiples in crisis free support from qualified Norland Nannies who offer their services on a voluntary basis. 

Norland’s Early Years Consultant Claire Burgess is also an Honorary Consultant for TAMBA, regularly contributing to their quarterly magazine ‘Multiple Matters’ and delivering parenting workshops, focused on multiples, to their AGM and to TAMBA members, parents of multiples.

By December 2015, Norland Nannies, working on a voluntary basis, had provided 1,027 hours of practical support for families through Helping Hands. Qualified Norland Nannies have supported families facing bereavement, illness (including terminal conditions), severe postnatal depression, mental health issues, feeding and weaning problems, triplets with additional needs, quads, sleep and routine issues.

Keith Reed, CEO, Twins and Multiple Births Association Charity

“In partnership with Norland, we have launched Helping Hands – supporting multiple births in crisis project. Very kindly, Norland volunteers offer their time supporting families in crisis, in their own home, for free. In many instances, this has prevented a very serious situation deteriorating even further. Everyone who has been helped by the Norlanders are overwhelmingly positive about their character, manner, expert knowledge and willingness to help.

As an organisation, it has been extremely easy and rewarding to work with the Norland team. Their professionalism is exemplary. Their communication with us and our clients is open and respectful at all times and their knowledge base is first rate.”

  • Testimonials from families who have benefited from Helping Hands:

    “Gave me confidence and hope”

    “This was life changing for me, my husband and my twins”

    “Provided our family with much needed support at a time when we were at our lowest”

    “Made a difference to my day”

    “Life changing”

    “Most incredible service”

    “Absolutely invaluable help”