Placements are an integral part of our students' experience at Norland College. Across the three years, half of each semester is spent in college while the other half is spent gaining practical experience in an early years placement.

Our students work in early years settings in the Bath area. Settings typically include Children’s Hospice South West, hospitals, nurseries, schools and family environments. 

Doing regular placements provides vital experience for Norland students that equips them to deal with the real-world scenarios they are likely to face after graduating. Having such a wealth of experience in their toolkit upon graduating is part of what makes Norlanders so instantly employable. 


If you live in Bath and need an extra pair of hands, you may be interested in having a Norland student who is still training at the college on a family placement.

Daily Placements from September until April

We can support families in Bath with two or more children if one of them is under the age of one and there is a primary carer at home full-time. The students are not permitted to be left in sole charge and complete 8 hours between Monday to Thursday. If interested please email us with your full postal address, telephone number, baby's DoB/due date and you'll be added to our waiting list. 

Families with multiples

We're looking for families in Bath with multiples for daily placements. However, if the family have accommodation for a student then we will consider families within an hour's drive of Bath. If interested please email us with your full postal address, telephone number, baby's DoB/due date and you'll be added to our waiting list. 

Residential Placements in May 2017

For Norland students to gain valuable experience of living in with a family, we're looking for families with two or more children in South West london and within an hour's drive of the Bath area. One child will need to be under the age of two and the family will need a primary carer at home full-time. The students will do 11 hours per day, Monday to Friday. If interested please email us with your full postal address, telephone number, baby's DoB/due date and you'll be added to our waiting list. 

Employ a norland nanny

To employ a qualified Norland nanny or maternity practitioner for your family contact Norland Agency

  • Norland Diploma student placements

    Throughout the three year degree at Norland College, students study for the Norland Diploma. Part of this involves spending time in a range of early years placements gaining experience with children aged 0-8. Watch the video to hear from our students about their experiences on placement. 

  • Feedback from a placement family

    “I have lost track of the number of times that I have recommended Norland to friends and colleagues since our student joined us on a placement. She has been absolutely unbelievable; her dedication is outstanding. The way that she approaches her work could not represent Norland any better. Her care and attention for our son is, at times, nearly indistinguishable from parental care. We’ve never thought twice about leaving our child with our Norland student; she constantly goes above and beyond and her poise and maturity give us complete reassurance. She has been a delight to work with.”

    Feedback from southmead hospital

    "I am writing to inform you about the two students that have just finished their placements with us on Percy Phillips Ward at Southmead Hospital. They were both professional, kind, always looked professional and courteous. They introduced themselves at the start of the placement and explained the experience they needed. They always were willing to help but never crossed any boundaries. They asked relevant questions when they were unsure and were a great help to the ward when we had babies to look after when the mothers were unable to." - Nicola Chinnock, Supervisory Sister for Percy Phillips Ward, Southmead Hospital