Course map
and modules

In order to be awarded with your degree and the Norland Diploma, you must successfully complete all BA (Hons) Early Years Development and Learning modules AND all Norland Diploma modules as listed below:

BA(Hons) Early Years Development and Learning modules:

Course Requirements:​

YEAR 1 - LEVEL 4    
NC4010: Professional Development 1: Professional Practice 30 CATS SEM 1 & 2
NC4009: The Invention of Childhood  15 CATS SEM 2
NC4004: Communication and Language 15 CATS SEM 1
NC4005: Personal, Social and Emotional Development 15 CATS SEM 1
NC4007: Approaches to Development and Learning 30 CATS SEM 1 & 2
NC4008: Physical Development in Early Childhood 15 CATS SEM 2


YEAR 2 - LEVEL 5    
NC5010: Professional Development 2: Current Issues 30 CATS SEM 1 & 2
NC5002: Inclusion in the Early Years 15 CATS SEM 1
NC5008: Safeguarding 15 CATS SEM 2
NC5004: Parenting Approaches 30 CATS SEM 1 & 2
NC5009: Creativity in the Early Years 30 CATS SEM 1 & 2


YEAR 3 - LEVEL 6    
NC6010: Professional Development 3: Reflective Practice 30 CATS SEM 2
NC6002: Research Methodology 15 CATS SEM 1
NC6003: Literature Review 15 CATS SEM 1
NC6004: Work Based Project 30 CATS SEM 2
NC6005: Leadership in the Early Years 30 CATS SEM 1


Norland Diploma Modules:

These modules are studied throughout the 3 years of training alongside the degree modules above:

Course Requirements:

ND1 Supporting the Developing Child
ND2 Care of Babies and Infants
ND3 Supporting Families
ND4 Health and Wellbeing
ND5 Party Project
ND6 Professional Development, including Employment Preparation
ND7 Sewing
ND8 Food and Nutrition
ND9 Employment
ND10* Newly Qualified Nanny (NQN) placement

*This module is completed following 3 years at Norland and only once all other degree and Norland Diploma modules are successfully completed.