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Supporting families with twins or more facing severe difficulty

In March 2012 Norland Agency was approached by the charity TAMBA (Twins and Multiple Births Association) to see if we could offer any assistance to a father of 8 day old triplets whose wife had tragically died following the children’s birth.

Norland Agency contacted all Norland Nannies to ask for offers of support for this family. 

The Agency was overwhelmed by the response and quickly put together a timetable of support. Norland Nannies were able to cover the first 4 weeks of the babies' return from hospital – mainly doing the night shifts so that Dad could get some sleep!

 The Norland Nannies who gave up their free time caring for the babies described their experiences:

“It was the most special time being able to care for those gorgeous little ones, and having left them on Friday I have missed them madly ever since”.

“Working with the triplets was fantastic.  I’ve never been more tired but work like this really reminds me why I got into nannying!”

One of the Norland Nannies who cared for the triplets, Sue Corfield, raised £885 for the family by running the Bristol Half Marathon. You can read her story on page 15 of the Winter 2012 issue of TAMBA's newsletter Multiple Matters.

All the nannies who helped care for the children have remained in contact with the father and receive regular updates about the triplets’ progress. You can read more about the nannies’ experience of working with this family here.

Norland Agency continues to offer advice and support to TAMBA families through the Helping Hands Appeal.  More information about this appeal can be found here. Claire Burgess (Early Years Consultancy Manager and Norland trained) is an honorary Consultant for TAMBA and regularly contributes to Multiple Matters magazine.