Norland Agency – a mark of quality

The Norland name is recognised all over the world as the mark of the highest quality nannies, all expertly qualified to support your family’s needs

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Norland Agency – committed to your needs

We work with you every step of the way to find your perfect Norland Nanny, from discussing your needs as soon as you register to supporting you in the interview process and advising on employment issues

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Norland Agency – a personalised service

Our size makes us special – we know every one of the Norland Nannies we train and we strive to keep track of their employment history, so we can find the perfect match for your family

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Norland Agency – grounded in history, focused on the future

We have over a hundred years of experience but we always look forward – our nannies benefit from the best possible early years education and the most up to date practice standards

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Why our Nannies are Special

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